We are a trusted business that are passionate in providing customized-made sophisticated and premium stones in the market. We hold a reputation in individualizing stones cuts to according to customer’s preferences.

- Quality Guarantee

At Merit stone, we promise to provide the best quality product to your choice of color, shape and thickness. Our premium stones are all examined and handpicked by our dedicated team and are sorted out by grade accordingly. We ensure that our stones are flawless and will never be defective.  

- Unbeatable Price

Our prestige and flawless stone does not come in skyrocket prices compare with others in the market. Merit Stone believes in a low operational cost, in order to provide the lowest and most affordable price to our clients without degrading our quality.

- Flexibility in choices

At Merit Stone, we have a reputation in respecting each individual’s preference. We understand that not all clients want the same color, shape and thickness in their orders. Merit Stone acknowledged this and are specialized with cutting according to your choice and variations.

- Variety of Products

Merit Stone pride ourselves to a wide range of products for clients to choose from. Whether you are looking for basis range to exclusive range, we have them available just for you to pick from.

- Free Design and VR Experience

Merit Stone are excited to bring in new technology of VR experience to help client in accurately choosing the stone they want. With this fascinated VR technology, you will experience visual effect while looking through our products.